• WHSATHOUGHTS: Literary Magazine June 2022

    As our editors read through the submissions of student writing, they started joking that we should call the magazine, WHSAT Needs Therapy. But what we need is to hear each other’s stories more. After so many months behind our screens, it has been vital to hear student voices and applause; to see their eyes light up when another student shares a piece of writing that speaks directly to them. We have all suffered traumas these past few years, some like we never could have imagined—for others, more of the same. We need to tell these stories loudly and without holding back. They will carry us through whatever comes next, along with our laughter and the joy of our community.

    Our stories tell us we have been here, we are still here, and we are ready to do the work. Together.

    They bravely shared a part of themselves, alongside the rest of the writers and artists whose work is represented here. This magazine is for young people to express their ideas freely, which includes exploring complex and mature issues around us, without censorship. We hope you will hear their voices, recognize your own stories in theirs, and speak.

    The Williamsburg High School of Arts and Technology
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    Former Chancellor Porter, Dr. Chris Emdin, and NY1 recently visited WHSAT to view our new post pandemic Collider classroom. You can find the NY1 report here.

    The Williamsburg High School of Arts and Technology
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